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how to do proper keyword research?

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I understand the theory of keyword research perfectly but I do not know how to put it into practice. How do I optimize the article titles? If i wanted to write an article like "Keyword Research: How to optimize article titles," would you research the entire string or each of… Read more »

What niche keyword should i start optimizing to my blog?

I have established a blog: 2 months old. I have posted 5 general info articles already. I have seen my blog in google. I have 40 backlinks according to yahoo site explorer. I have done research keyword but i cannot find any. Somebody please help me to narrow the searching… Read more »

How to let more people to know my site and use my tour service?

I am running a new travel site,and i am a private tour guide, what should i do to have more traffics and more clients to know my services? I`ve tried some link building, keywords research, SEO, but the traffic still slow and didnt drive many traffics from other site, what… Read more »

Why did our fading generation not change USPS with the times?

They had to of known that the internet would take out most of their letter traffic. I am not buying the workers get paid too much BS when technological unemployment has been saving them money for years now. They should of moved into UPS`s market with more box traffic. The… Read more »

Are there any SEO companies that use Baidu for US companies that want to get online exposure in China?

I would like to do some branding in China. I understand that Baidu has over 85% of the search engine market. I understand I may need a Chinese website but what is next? How do I drive traffic?