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What are the best PAID ways to advertise an internet business?

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I’m looking for PAID ways to advertise my internet businesses. I am especially interested in ways that have a very high return on your investment. I am not interested in expensive pay-per-click advertising. The advertising methods do not neccessarily have to be online.

Is there a way to find out what a company spends on pay per click and what keywords a company bids on?

Is there a tool or technique to research what keywords a company is bidding on for pay per click (PPC) marketing, aka CPC marketing aka search engine marketing (SEM)? I am trying to research where – and on what terms – a company is using their online advertising dollars and… Read more »

Where can I find an advertising program where I can earn money with pay per click?

I’m having problems with Google Adsense. Its Google’s advertising program. There program lets you display adds on your site so you can earn money by pay per click. There program searches your site then displays ads relational to your content. The problem is that its to close to my content…. Read more »

How can I generate a lot of traffic to my product review website?

I have a website doing product reviews for a specific market or niche as some call it. How can I drive traffic to it without costing a lot of money. It’s a pretty competitive niche so I can’t really afford the pay per click costs and SEO just takes forever… Read more »

Can Anyone suggest an excellent Affiliate Network that caters to Pay-per-lead program?

i am planning to venture into Internet marketing. since i don’t have time to create a product of my own, i would rathre do Affiliate marketing on pay per lead program. I just think that this is easier than pay per sale and more lucrative than pay per click. What… Read more »

Do you need a business to start pay per click advertising campaign?

I don’t quite understand the pay per click advertising process. I understand how it works but how can I personally get started? If I make an account on Google ad words do I need a legit business? I don’t own a business.