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Bob Jain: 4 Things To Know About Personal Finance

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Anyone who understands finance, Bob Jain included, will tell you that there are various things to know about it. One of the most important talking points is personal finance, which is something that most people are aware of. However, they might not know how to improve it, meaning that a bit of financial advice can prove useful. Here are 4 of the most best ways that you can improve your personal finance situation.

Can you buy historical houses? for example Chatsworth House England?

Presuming i do have the money would i be allowed purchase such a historic house. Under the conditions i let it open to the public at certain points of the year and not change any construction or historically important property. Its a listed building: grade 1.

Can you be prosecuted for neglect to a listed building that occurred before you inherited it?

Here is the scenario: A man owns a Grade II listed building, and there are problems affecting its structure that urgently require rectification. Unfortunately he has no money, and so for years he turns a blind eye to these problems and the property seriously deteriorates. Aspects of this neglect are… Read more »

Can an accomplished massage therapist give me some tips on boosting my clientele?

I’m so discouraged. I’ve posted on craigslist many times and alot of what I get are men who want "happy endings" It’s painfully slow. I only get 2 maybe 3 massages a week, so what money I get goes to bills and not marketing. Any suggestions?

How can I get the most traffic to my web page?

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I cannot mention the name, but I have an educational web site, classes are ‘given’ by the highest in caliber in the field. In addition to the vast education and personal development (priceless) members also expand in their chosen professional field, eventually meet some of their mentors, and on top… Read more »