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How well will I do with my website?

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I’m planning on making a website about basketball tips using Site Build It! I want to know how well it do (considering my tips and writing are very good) based upon competition and demand? I’ve already used google ad-words keyword tool and it seems like it isn’t that bad. Will… Read more »

how to do proper keyword research?

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I understand the theory of keyword research perfectly but I do not know how to put it into practice. How do I optimize the article titles? If i wanted to write an article like "Keyword Research: How to optimize article titles," would you research the entire string or each of… Read more »

How to do Local SEO Marketing system?

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hi guys and all of SEO Expert I am New Website owner, this site UK Cardiff based Web development website I have Completed Keyword Research ,Finalization and ON page SEO completed so make sure all of expert explain how to my Web Development website Google 2013 rules OFF PAGE Marketing… Read more »

How can I find the name of a business in Italy if I only have map coordinates from google maps?

There is an olive farm near my Grandparents home town and I want to contact the owners of the business. I can see it from Google maps, but it does not show up on any business lists Google has built into Maps.

What apps should I get for my Samsung Galaxy S2?

I just got an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 and this is the first time I have ever had a smartphone or android. I have been searching on Google for apps but much of it is outdated, such that old "tweaks" or apps are already incorporated into the latest Galaxy S2…. Read more »