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Getting the Word Out

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You have created your own product that has been proven to have great demand, you have a salesletter that has a sky-high conversion rate, but all that would be futile and you will earn nothing if you don’t have a single soul passing by your website since you will have… Read more »

Ethical Marketing

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[ad name=”Tweet My Blog – Easily Combine the Power of Twitter & WordPress to Create A Viral Monster”] To sell a product well, it is very important to use powerful selling words to really convey each and every little benefit that your product has to convince the customer. It is… Read more »

So You Want A Flu Shot?

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Medical experts claim that flu shots are completely safe…the following is what can happen when it goes terribly wrong… So utterly cruel…any one of us who received the shot could have contracted this wretched disease… And what of the H1N1 vaccine? Are you willing to risk living with a neurological… Read more »

The White House vs. Fox News: What does it mean?

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Here’s something different for you to consider today… The recent dustup between the Obama Administration and the Fox News network has the conservative talkers buzzing, but the other major news organizations shrugging…why? Is the White House trying to freeze out Fox, thereby having a chilling effect on the other news… Read more »

Building a Customer Base

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Let me ask you a question: do you think it is easier to sell your product or services to a complete stranger or to a person you have had contact before; whether it’s an email conversation, forum participation or even an existing customer relationship (i.e. He has bought something from… Read more »

Creating A Sellable Product

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Many marketers have created or acquired products that they thought would sell well and, in their enthusiasm, set up everything from sales letters to websites to getting traffic. However, a lot of these marketers have forgotten the single most important factor that will affect their product sales – the “sellability”… Read more »

Preselling – The Art of Building Anticipation

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Preselling is the work you must start doing before you release and sell your product; that’s why it’s called pre-selling. It’s the work you do to convince your to-be-customers that your product has great benefit and only a fool will pass your offer without purchasing — all this without actually… Read more »

How to Start an Internet Business without Capital

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I often meet new Internet marketers on various forums and they aspire to earn the big bucks like some of the well-known personas out there, such as Yanik Silver and Bryan Kumar. However, most of these new marketers have only the slightest ideas on where to start, and a lot… Read more »

Here Is What Financial Freedom Looks Like

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You are looking live at the very first post of The This forum is created to allow me to share with you the avenues I’m persuing to reach my goal of being financially free, using Internet Marketing. In doing so, my hope is to help as many as possible… Read more »