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1ebdeb4197130197847a6bf371a6b67e6b8f4463I’m Charles Brewer, just a 51 year old unassuming Black guy juggling a wife and 3 kids, this blog, several affiliate marketing businesses, and the laundry. I’m working to reach my dream of being FINANCIALLY FREE, and to leave my children a legacy: the FREEDOM to accomplish their dreams.

My mission with this blog is to provide its readers and visitors with quality information and a platform to build meaningful relationships so that we all may prosper.

I live in sunny Chandler, Arizona and I can be contacted at:

Email – contactadmin@theintrepidmarketer.com
Twitter – @IntrepidMarketr
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/theintrepidmarketer
Skype – theintrepidmarketer

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