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WORLD WIDE WEB, JANUARY 31, 2010 – West Virginia Writing Services, Americas leader in content generation is proud to announce the debut of their new website home. After an extensive remodel taking into consideration comments made by their users the entire site has been redesigned to make it more attractive, easier to use and more informative. The new site is set to launch officially on February 1st but is accessible now if you don’t mind a little construction going on.

In a recent conversation Mrs. Michele Walls, Founder, Senior Partner and CEO of West Virginia Writing Services spoke on the new site as well as other changes that are in the works at the Racine, West Virginia based firm, “This new site is just one piece of a much larger advancement that we are undertaking in the company, its a very exciting time to be working here. We have new clients, new partners and new contracts coming in that will take us to new heights that honestly 5 years ago I never would have imagined. All I can say is keep an eye out, this new site is just the beginning of a long term plan to bring about a whole new WVWS during 2010.”

Although Mrs. Walls would not comment on the other changes that she alluded too, talk among the staff indicates the possibility that a company move is upcoming, an influx of some new talent both in the creative divisions as well as the executive offices and an expansion of services offered. There is also an excitement in the air about some major deals that are in the works which will not only increase the companies strength but also diversify its industry reach.

Mrs. Walls was all to happy to talk about the new site however pointing out that although on the surface it may appear to not have changed much, the truth is its much faster, easier to use and more secure for the customers placing orders. There is a new portfolio also which showcases some of the best examples of the companies work. These aren’t some puff pieces that were specifically made for the site like you might find on other sites, but copies of real work done for real paying clients. “I am so proud of what is going on here right now. I have the best staff in the world, so creative and bright and vibrant, they love their jobs and it shows in everything that they do, this site is a great example of that.” indeed the most interesting aspect of the new site is the fact that it shows that WVWS is more than just words in their business, the new site was actually built from the ground up internally by the same staff that does the projects that the company has become famous for.

The new site shares the same address as its retired predecessor, visitors are invited to stop by and have a look around and while they are there discover all the advantages that can be had by putting a content generation company to work for you.

To see the new and improved changes at WV Writing Services click here now.

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