Improving Your Ad Campaigns With Content Marketing

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Traditional advertising is having a hard time, everybody. Some say that it’s dead, and in a sense, they are right. More and more people go out of their way to avoid ads. They download an ad blocker on their web browser, they’ll record shows and watch it later just so they can fast-forward through them, pay money to services like Pandora and Spotify just to get rid of them, and even subconsciously ignore them.

Every day, advertising is becoming more ineffective, but that doesn’t mean it’s all dead.


Advertising still has the best reach, as they can put your brand and message in front of thousands, or even millions, of potential consumers. The problem is: how do you get consumers to notice your ad, and how do you get them to act on it? Well, one solution is to combine your ad campaigns with your content marketing.


Make your ad content worth pursuing

The world is flooded with ads. For every 10 minutes of TV, there are three minutes of commercials. Drive anywhere for a few minutes and you’ll likely see several billboards. Google search practically anything and you’ll see five to 10 paid ads.

Since there are so many ads, the human race has been conditioned to ignore them. That means you need to get your ads to stand out and become worth people’s time.

There is one time a year millions of people actively want to watch ads: The Super Bowl. The commercials are creative, unique, and evoke emotions in viewers. Yet, every other day of the year, most ads are boring, repetitive, or straight up manipulative.

If you want to get noticed, your ads need to be interesting. Most advertising is interrupting content people do want with content they don’t want. Instead of being that negative interruption, have an ad that is a pleasant surprise. A good goal to strive for is that your ad is something people would actually want to look up.


Don’t sell, encourage learning more

Traditional advertising is all about getting sales immediately. That’s why most ads have wording like

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