Content Syndication Tips – How To Create Powerful Link Bait

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Article writing is one of the most effective SEO options available to every small business owner, and they do not take that much effort to make, put up, and start building traffic. Finding high quality article directory websites is also important. When creating articles to build traffic there are a few key things you want to consider:

* Putting keywords in the title as well as the article itself is going to make it to where the search engines find it much easier. The important thing to remember is not to stock it so full of keywords that the search engines avoid it altogether. A good tip to use is put the keywords in the title, into, conclusion, and sprinkled throughout the text about 4 times.

* Try writing a minimum of 30 articles a month, but remember your competitors may be writing more than that. Try evaluating your position to your competition and keep up with or write more articles than they have.

How to Link Bait in Article Marketing:

Creating A Hook In All Articles

Link baiting is also another newly popular form of search engine optimization. Link bait is defined as a webpage that catches the attention of a visitor and promotes “baits” them to post a link to it.

Popular SEO consultant companies use the following web site link building and baiting techniques:

1. Tools and Software
2. Proven Quizzes
3. Eposés
4. Quality Unique Content
5. Shocking and Controversial Content

* Tools: Many link baiters are offering useful blog tools for bloggers to place on their site that will link back the original creator of the site. A good example of this is the “what is this blog worth” tool created by Dane form Business Opportunities.

* Quizzes: Quizzes, surveys, and test are very intriguing. If you notice MySpace has many of these random tests plastered all over the pages of the website. Simply offering a button for people to place on their website will do the trick, it offers just enough information without being annoying or intrusive.

* Exposé: Exposés are also very popular in the internet and link baiting world. People are always and will always be hungry for information. Provide valuable information topics such as scams and product reviews have shown to have tremendous effects when using it as a form of search engine optimization and marketing methods.

* Quality Content: Creating your own content and copy can be one of the hardest things to do, but if you get good at it, you earn a life long skill and can do anything. Think of a new way to put a spin on an existing website, service, or product, people like things that they have not yet seen before.

* Shocking and Controversial Content: If you can get people to want will become enraged at the views or opinions found on your website, you are sure to get many good quality links from internet marketing blog networks and forum communities. People enjoy things that are controversial, because it is exciting, my guess as to why is that it gives that person something to talk about, as well as to spire new ideals and beliefs in that individual.

Evergreen Articles

The basic definition for evergreen articles is that they are fresh and intriguing. However, there is more to it than that and things to consider, as time and freshness in the web world are extremely different form the real world.

* When creating evergreen articles you want to consider time. It is best to avoid mentioning time frames and use topics that are timeless if you want your evergreen article to last. Old news on your website will get you nowhere and leave you without the repeat visitors you need to have your website thrive.

* Use topics that will answer questions that are always valuable. For example, many people struggle with grammar and having an article on the various grammar issues will provide very type of target audience with an answer. 2 years from now when one person is excellent at grammar due to your site, the younger, les experienced person will need the help as well. Think of it as recycling, one person uses it until they no longer need it and then it is passed down to someone who needs it, until they no longer do.

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